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Warmflow Eco DIRECT Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 210 LITRE

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  • Reference:
  • Brand: Warmflow
  • Manufacturer Reference: ED210UV
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  • Condition: New
  • 25 years guarantee
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Code Description Inc. VAT Excl. VAT
WFED210UV - Warmflow Eco DIRECT Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 210 LITRE £552.28 £460.23

Pressure Booster Pumps

Salamander Home Boost mains pressure booster pump (HomeBoost) £355.08 (£295.90 exc. VAT)

The Warmflow Eco DIRECT Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 210 LITRE is a superb example of an Unvented ECO DIRECT hot water cylinder, and is part of a collection of Eco Direct Unvented Cylinders from Warmflow.

The Eco Direct is the Twin Coil equivalent for electric hot water installations. It features two immersion heaters intended for use in the same manner as those of a Direct cylinder, but also has an indirectly heated coil for use with a renewable resource, such as a solar thermal system. The models feature dedicated renewable volumes and large surface area coils to maximise the use of available low grade heat from a renewable resource. By combining the use of renewable energy with the Economy 7 tariff, the Eco Direct models offer improved affordability where the use of fossil fuels is impractical / unavailable.

Dimensional Diagram

Specification Table

(A) Overall height (mm)
Cold water capacity (litres)
(B) Secondary return connection (mm)
Weight when full (kg)
(C) Upper immersion (mm)
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h)
(D) Lower immersion (mm)
Dedicated renewable volume (litres)
(E) Renewable coil upper connection (mm)
Renewable coil rating @ 15L/min (kW)
(F) Cold inlet connection (mm)
Heat up time by lower immersion (mins)
(G) Renewable coil lower connection (mm)
Heat up time by upper immersion (mins)

Ease of installation

Warmflow cylinders are supplied with all the necessary parts for a quick, easy, professional installation. Warmflow supply onlyhigh quality components from recognised, market leading suppliers and factory fit the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P) and all cylinder thermostats for convenience and safety.

Components supplied with this cylinder...

  • Inlet group complete with:
    • strainer
    • pressure reducing valve
    • check valve
    • expansion relief valve
    • balanced cold connection

  • Expansion vessel complete with
    • flexible connection hose
    • hanging bracket

  • Incoloy 3kW immersion heater(s)
  • 2-port zone valve
  • Tundish
Supplied Cylinder Components

5 Reasons to Choose a Warmflow Cylinder

Reason 1
All Unvented Hot Water Cylinders have been independently tested and accredited. Their complete range of unvented cylinders exceed the performance requirements of the latest editions of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide (England & Wales), Domestic Technical Handbook (Scotland), Approved Documents Part F & P (Northern Ireland) and Technical Guidance Document L (Republic of Ireland).

Reason 2
In addition, to ensure that Warmflow maintain their own in house quality standards, Warmflow have in place a BSI approved monitoring system, certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Reason 3
Warmflow use a thicker layer of high quality polyurethane insulation in their cylinder range producing amongst the lowest fully certified heat loss levels currently on the market, saving precious fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Reason 4
Warmflow insulation is also CFC/HCFC-free, has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential of only 2.

Reason 5
Due to the large surface areas of Warmflow coil-in-coil heat exchangers it is also possible for a condensing boiler to work in condensing mode for longer, and cycle less frequently when heating the hot water, thereby helping to further reduce fuel use and emissions.

The ideal choice of mains pressure hot water cylinders

The cylinder range from Warmflow has been designed to satisfy the hot water needs of even the most demanding consumer. Warmflow have focussed their attention on ensuring the largest hot water volumes, shortest heat up times and lowest possible heat losses are achieved throughout their range of KIWA approved unvented cylinders.

From the large coil-in-coil heat exchangers to the high performance foam insulation, no effort has been spared in developing their market leading hot water cylinder.Because these Warmflow cylinders work at mains pressure, they provide outstanding hot water flow rates, far exceeding those experienced with a combi boiler or traditional vented cylinder. As a result, baths fill quickly and showers are invigorating.

And, because Warmflow supply an inlet control group with a balanced cold water connection, all the hot and cold taps in the house operate at the same pressure, so blending valves work at their best to ensure consistent comfortable hot water temperatures.

Quality design with built-in reliability

Rather than using thin wall corrugate flexible tube for their heat exchanger coils, Warmflow use rigid coil-in-coil exchangers formed from high quality stainless steel pipe, as they believe this provides greater stability, quality and durability. Because Warmflow coils are formed from long lengths of pipe, they have large surface areas for heat transfer - the performance figures speak for themselves.

All our models are manufactured from high quality Duplex stainless steel, a strong and light weight material ideal for pressurised cylinders, and are fully 3rd party tested, approved and certified. Employing patented design features (patent pending), innovative manufacturing techniques and industry best practice Warmflow cylinders have a 'crevice free' construction which, combined with the use of Duplex stainless steel, ensures corrosion resistance and a long service life. This, and the fact that Warmflow test every cylinder to in excess of the maximum pressure it will experience in operation, means Warmflow can confidently offer a long guarantee, So peace of mind comes as standard.

When specifying a system incorporating any unvented cylinder, including Triple Coil models, it is important to note that:
  • uncontrolled solid fuel appliances must NOT be used
  • gravity circulation is NOT permitted
Controlled solid fuel appliances, such as wood pellet stoves or wood chip boilers, may be used provided their controls are wired through the cylinder thermostat. An additional zone valve may be required.

In instances where an uncontrolled appliance is to be used the cylinder MUST be installed in a vented system (with traditional expansion tank and vent pipe) but the T&P valve should remain fitted.

Warmflow Eco DIRECT Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 210 LITRE

Available In Stock

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