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Bathroom Furniture Packs

These bathroom furniture packs have been provided by some of the top brands in the industry - fusing together complementary furniture items to offer a cheap, all-in-one solution. These packs include more than just a piece of bathroom furniture; usually including a complementary mirror, a side cabinet, or a combination of these. Ultra, Hudson Reed and Premier are famed for putting together these packs, and consistently offer their customers exceptional bathroom furniture solutions for an affordable price.

Premier Saturn Combination Furniture Pack with Round Basin and WC Unit - 1 Tap Hole
£199.95 RRP: £479.00
Special Offer
Verona Elegance Wall Hung Cloakroom Unit with Basin and Mirror 445mm Wide - Walnut
£235.95 RRP: £295.00
SAVE 20%
Cali Slimline Combination Unit with 995mm Wide Basin - Gloss White
£296.95 RRP: £537.66
SAVE 45%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with RH Mid Edge Basin - 1090mm Wide - Medium Oak
£328.95 RRP: £604.86
SAVE 46%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with LH Mid Edge Basin - 1090mm Wide - Medium Oak
£328.95 RRP: £604.86
SAVE 46%
Cali Ria Combination Unit with Right Handed Basin - 1000mm Wide - Gloss White
£329.95 RRP: £605.11
SAVE 45%
Verona Street 2-Drawer Wall Unit with Square Basin and Mirror 500mm Wide - Walnut
£390.95 RRP: £495.00
SAVE 21%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with LH Mid Edge Basin - 1090mm Wide - Anthracite
£395.95 RRP: £743.75
SAVE 47%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with RH Mid Edge Basin - 1090mm Wide - Anthracite
£395.95 RRP: £743.76
SAVE 47%
Hudson Reed Erin Furniture Pack, Textured Oak
£403.97 RRP: £700.00
SAVE 42%
Hudson Reed Erin Furniture Pack, Light Oak
£447.01 RRP: £700.00
Verona Strada Anthracite Complete Bathroom Cloakroom Suite Package
£463.28 RRP: £1079.00
SAVE 57%
Verona Strada Walnut Complete Bathroom Cloakroom Suite Package
£463.28 RRP: £1079.00
SAVE 57%

A Guide to Our Bathroom Furniture Packs

You’re probably thinking about buying a pack of bathroom furniture – which usually combines some sort of storage, toilet and sink – because you think it’s simpler, cheaper and more efficient. And you’d be exactly right, this is the no hassle, simple and easy way to fit out your new bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. There’s no denying that a furniture pack offers significant savings over buying items separately, but it’s not as simple as heading to your nearest bathroom showroom or logging onto a couple of websites. There are lots of variables to think about when it comes to furniture packs, so here are some of the key decisions which will be made.


If you’re in the market for a furniture pack to fit into an existing space, then it’s important to think about the best configuration. Sink on the left or sink on the right? Integrated all into one unit, or separate items? Choice might be restricted by the plumbing layout in your bathroom – ripping up floors or walls so that you can completely change the layout of the bathroom is possible, but expensive. If you’re installing a bathroom in an extension or new-build you may have more flexibility.


It’s really easy to lose perspective of how large the space is in your bathroom when you’re in a cavernous bathroom showroom or browsing through your favourite bathroom website. It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how many people go shopping without their measuring tapes and with no idea of the size of their bathroom. When you’re measuring bathroom furniture and trying to work how it all fits in, remember that you’ll need to be able to move comfortably around your bathroom too. If space is a particular issue, look for ranges which have been designed as space saving or marketed as being suitable for smaller cloakrooms.


If you go for one of the all in one bathroom furniture packs which have sink, toilet and storage all in the same unit, then that might be all the furniture you need in a smaller cloakroom. If however you’re looking for items which will match with a bath, shower, mirrors or other accessories which you already have in the bathroom, this can be more challenging. Websites make this easier by showing you coordinating items when you’re looking at your furniture, and can give advice over the phone.


The final thing to think about is your style and taste. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to what you like, but it will make life easier online or in the bathroom showroom if you have an idea about whether you’re looking for contemporary or traditional suites. If you’re renovating a bathroom with a view to upgrading your property to sell, then the best advice is to keep it as simple and plain as you can to appeal to the largest number of buyers – you can’t go wrong with basic, white bathroom furniture packs.

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