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Compact Radiators: Buy Leading Brands Online

Our range of compact steel panel radiators are the perfect addition to your home as part of a central heating system. Several different styles of steel panel radiator are available, including round-top and seam-top styles, or the premium flat panel designs that perfectly complement a modern home. Stelrad radiators are one of our best-selling lines, and we are consistently the cheapest on the Internet for brands such as Stelrad, Heatline, Quinn and Myson.

Standard Compact Radiators

Standard Compact Radiators

Round Top Radiators

Round Top Radiators

Flat Panel Radiators

Flat Panel Radiators

Central Connection Radiators

Central Connection Radiators

Save money with EcoRad Home Radiators

11th December A new range of home radiators was introduced to in the form of EcoRad Radiators. This fantastic range of radiators not only performs extremely well with excellent BTU values but does so in a way that reduces the water content within the radiator. By heating less water - your heating bills cab be reduced and the overall effect of the se savings is magnified when an EcoRad radiator is installed on your whole central heating system.

Save Money this winter on Quinn Home Radiators

9th March 2013 Good news for our customers of Quinn Radiators. Quinn Compact and Quinn Roundtop Radiators have been reduced still further due to a new contract with our suppliers. The success of Quinn Radiators for sale at means that we can now bring you even cheaper prices for 2012. Quinn Radiators are well known for their quality construction and now, thanks to these new lower prices, you can buy quality for less.

Compact Radiators - small is still beautiful

12th March 2013 When it comes to radiators, the choices are endless, yet despite the current trend towards designer models and ever-increasing possibilities, the traditional steel panel or compact type of radiator is still alive and well and a popular choice both for new build homes and existing properties.

Despite predictions to the contrary, this style of home heating system continues to hold its own due to the timeless and archetypal design which is the perfect blend of form and function and provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for the home. In these times of growing environmental concerns and consumer demands for energy-saving systems, compact radiators offers simplicity and effectiveness and have stood the test of time. Today’s manufacturers are producing high quality, reliable models which are also economical and environmentally friendly due to the introduction of the thermostatic valve, which when used in conjunction with a condensing boiler can dramatically reduce fuel costs for the homeowner.

To add to their continued appeal, steel panel radiators are compatible with renewable energy systems as long as consideration is given to choosing to size, as solar technologies operate at lower temperatures.

At we supply an extensive range of compact units from reliable manufacturers such as Stelrad, Quinn and Vogel and Noot to name just a few, at prices to suit every budget, so why not take a closer look at the products we have online and find out why small is still beautiful for your home?

Compact Radiator Variations...

The term 'Compact' in the phrase Compact Radiators refers to the style and manufacture of a wide variety of radiators. Each range is available in different radiator heights and radiator widths, with different btu outputs depending on which size of radiator you choose. These central heating radiators are our most popular style - a great value heating radiator for all rooms. Compact Radiators cover a wide variety of designs and styles. They can also be described as Steel Panel Radiators or Standard Radiators.

The different types of Compact Radiator

The majority of compact radiators are supplied with the choice of the following:
  • Single Panel Compact Radiator - Described in the industry as a P1 Radiator - this radiator radiates heat through 1 steel panel
  • Single Convector - Described in the industry as a K1 Radiator - this radiator radiates heat through 1 steel panel with 1 set of fins
  • Double Panel Plus - Described in the industry as a P+ Radiator - this radiator radiates heat through 2 steel panels with 1 set of fins
  • Double Convector - Described in the industry as a K2 Radiator - this radiator radiates heat through 2 steel panels with 2 set of fins
  • Triple Convector - Described in the industry as a Type 33 Radiator - this radiator radiates heat through 3 steel panels with 3 set of fins. This Large Radiator is quite rare and becuase of its size and weight will need a load bearing wall to be hung from.

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