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Combining style, elegance and practicality, fires and heaters are a great way to keep your home heated whilst also looking the part. Whether you are looking for an electric fire, gas fire, multi-fuel stove or electric heating, HeatandPlumb has it all covered. Some of the best-known manufacturers in the world of fires and heaters are listed on our website, including Valor, Dimplex, Hamlet and Robinson Willey. Ease of use is assured when you purchase any fires and heaters from us - all backed up by an excellent in-house technical sales team.
Gas Fires

Gas Fires

Electric Fires

Electric Fires



Fire-Effect Fan Convectors

Fire-Effect Fan Convectors

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Opening size - 02/05/12

With our large range of Fires and Heaters from top manufacturers, we should have the heat source for all the rooms in your home. Gas Fires and Electric Fires from Baxi and Valor, Night Storage Heaters, Portable Heaters and Plinth Heaters.

About Valor Fires

Thousands of homes utilise the heat generated by a Gas Fire or an Electric Fire in their home. One Leading supplier in the UK for Gas Fires and Electric Fires for over 100 years is a birmingham based company called Valor. Valor Gas Fires and Valor Electric Fires are at the cutting edge of technological developments and Valor Fires are continually investing in product development to meet their customers expectations now and in the future. It was only in 1966 that Valor first sold their first radiant gas fire, shorlty afterwards producing a flame effect gas fire with an imitation fuel bed.

Since 2000, Valor has become the second largest electric fire manufacturer, and in 2006 this accumulated in the launch of the dedicated Valor Electric's brand. The merger of Newmond plc and Baxi Group brought together three of the world’s leading fire brands, Baxi Fires, Valor Fires and Wonderfire Fires, under one umbrella: Valor Fires. Now working from one purpose built factory, Valor Fires looks forward to heating UK homes for centuries to come.

About Baxi Fires

Baxi Fires have over 100 years of knowledge and expertise in the heating market - which means you can be confident that a Baxi Fire will deliver amazing performance with unrivalled economy. Many homes across the UK are kep warm by a Baxi Fire, whatever the weather.

Fire Fuel Types

The term fuel bed refers to the part of the fire the flames appear through to give the effect of a realistic fire. You will find a choice of coals, pebbles or driftwood and skimmers fuel bed when looking at Baxi, Valor and Wondefire product range.

Pebble Bed Fires - A pebble bed can be found on the majority of our modern products. Pebble bed Fires are available on both full depth and slimline gas fires and come in a bright, white colour that will suit a number of interior decors.

Coal bed Fires - Coal beds are often used on more traditional products. The coal beds used on our products have been designed to give a very realistic coal fuel bed effect, with each original coal having been designed by hand.

Driftwood Fires and Skimmers Fires - Driftwood and Skimmers fuels bed are used on more contemporary products. This Fuel bed is unique to Wonderfire Fires.

Different depths of a fuel bed in Fires?

Deep fuel beds (sometimes referred to Class 1) - These are full depth fuel beds found on fires for homes with brick built chimneys or prefabricated flues.

Slimline fuel beds (Sometimes referred to Class 2) - These are shallow fuel beds that are found on slimline multiflue fires, they are usually at least 10cm/ aprox 4 inches shallower than the deep fuel beds. This type of fuel bed is suitable for all chimney/flue types.

The Different Heat Types of Fires

There are two types of heat given off by a fire. Radiant Heat Fires - All fires give off radiant heat. Radiant heat is like being warmed by the sun. The heat moves (radiates) outward from the fire into the room, the closer you get to the fire the warmer you feel.

Convected Heat Fires - Convected heat occurs when a fire actively draws in cold air from the room, passes it through a heat exchanger to warm it up and sends it back out into the room as warm air. This feature gives a more rapid and even heat distribution throughout your room and these products are known as convectors.

Active Heat Fires - Active Heat Fires that are described as convectors give out both types of heat as stated above. These fires have been fitted with an added feature to achieve a higher heat output and we call this feature Active Heat.

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