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We all know that when we're planning a bathroom renovation we have to think about a new bath, toilet and sink. But what about all of the other “stuff” you need to make your bathroom complete? Things like towel rails, scales, soap dishes and shelves are the things which turn a bathroom from something very ordinary into something much more comforting and homely, but the decision about what to buy and what style to go for isn't always straightforward.

Overall Style

The first thing to think about when looking at bathroom accessories either online or in a traditional retailer is about the overall style you are trying to create in your bathroom. The huge number of accessories companies means that you're spoiled for choice, and this can often make the decision harder rather than easier, so it's best to have an idea of your preferred style before you start looking. For example, you might choose to look for accessories which match with your wall tiles, or which fit in with the Victorian theme in the bathroom of a period property. Think about what else you have in your bathroom while shopping and try to avoid too many clashing patterns, colours and styles.


It's often tempting to set a budget for your bathroom renovation and only factor in the costs of the major items like a new shower or a toilet. Although bathroom accessories are the smaller items in the scheme of things, if you don't keep one eye on the budget it's easy to spend far more than you'd intended on towel rails, shelving units, mirrors and decoration. Take a look online or in your local bathroom showroom to get a rough idea of what the accessories you want are likely to cost, and start shopping accordingly.

Towel Rails

One of the most useful bathroom accessories is a towel rail. In a smaller bathroom, a towel rail can be used in place of a radiator and innovative design means that your towel rail doesn't have to be chrome coloured. Speak to your builder or plumber about whether a plumbed in or electric towel rail would be more suited to your needs, and measure the space you have available to make sure you are considering the correct sizes. Towel rails are not expensive t buy; a very basic model can cost as little as £35, although the designer rails will cost considerably more.

Get the Hotel Look

Part of the reason we all love hotel bathrooms is that the look very “together” and planned. Part of the reason for this is that all of the smaller items in the bathroom such as soap dish, toothbrush holder or mug all look the same and have been planned to fit in with the overall design. Soap dishes and toothbrush holders are some of the cheaper items you will buy for your bathroom but will be one of the things you notice the most, so it might be better to splash out a bit here and buy something really impressive and striking.


Many bathrooms lack storage, and as a consequence, they can appear cluttered and messy. Some sort of cupboard or shelving unit is absolutely essential, but again it's always best to make sure that this fits into the overall design. If you have a vintage bathroom think about buying a second-hand chest of drawers or shelves and painting them to match what you already have, or for a modern bathroom, look at office furniture which works well with a contemporary bathroom suite. Investigate whether you could incorporate storage into your bath panel, or whether a vanity unit with storage would be a better choice than a standalone sink.


If you're going for a clean and clinical look in your bathroom it might be better to keep decoration in the bathroom to the bare minimum, but other bathrooms can be made much more welcoming and relaxing by adding some pictures or ornaments into the room. Less is usually more in the bathroom, though, and try to keep everything tied into the same overall theme or colour to stop your bathroom looking mismatched and poorly designed.

If you are at the beginning of your bathroom renovation why not look at our complete guide to buying baths.

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