If there is one thing that can be frustrating in our home, it has to be a cluttered and messy bathroom.

The main use for a bathroom cabinet is to store away a variety of medicines for when we need them.

The bathroom is by far one of the more private parts of your home; however, despite this, it is also the part that gets used the most and by the most people.

You may think that a tap is just a tap and there is not much more to the buying process than picking which one you like the best.

Whether we're zipping through the air to go on holiday or blasting off into space to live onboard the International Space Station

Whilst some people decide to have a separate bath and shower in their bathroom, there are others that are lacking in space.

Hygiene has come a long way since the time of the Victorians, when scientists finally put two and two together and managed

The bathroom is the most regularly used room in a home, and this regular use brings its fair share of problems with it,

Plenty of studies have shown the benefits of having plants around the house , and even having them in the office can make for a calmer working environment.